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We are the same America First Latinos but with a new look!

America First Latinos is an initiative created in early 2015 by popular demand as a voice for a vast majority of Latinos who are solidly behind the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution.

We are from diverse backgrounds who place America first!

Because of disinformation falsely represented by the biased and stereotyping media and others, we have come together to proclaim that the majority of America’s Latinos are unified in matters that affect our Faith, our Family and our Freedoms.

We will not be used for self-serving narratives to progress anti-America agendas or lawlessness.

Latinos are the majority in the Great State of Texas, and we are uniting for a stronger voice as we pursue the “American Dream.”  We are moved to rise and defend our freedoms, liberties and our God-given rights so that we too may have a seat at the table.

Presently, citizens and legal residents are experiencing the adverse effects of an unsecure wide-open border resulting in the complete take over and control of the United States’ southern border by Mexican cartels that:

Millions of legal residents and those who have become citizens abided by our laws and assimilated into our society and culture while free to retain their heritage. 

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