Gross Miscarriage of Justice

Following the gross miscarriage of justice in the Steinle trial, all of us at The Remembrance Project are heavy with empathy and sorrow. 

Sorrow for the Steinle family and the many other ‘stolen lives’ victims of illegal alien killings. 

But pro-Amnesty special interest groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that fund establishment DACA apologists like Speaker Paul Ryan and the 32 terribly misguided politicians who believe illegal aliens are the priority instead of the safety of Americans, well they feel something else entirely . . . 

They are not on board with President Donald Trump’s America First Agenda

Those politicians know they can use Fake News Media like CNN to push their radical open borders agenda.  

However, we are fighting back with the truth!  Please watch my interview with Stuart on Varney and Co. at the link below. 

The Remembrance Project
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Join our battle for justice…”not one more stolen life!”  

Maria Espinoza
Maria Espinoza
Maria Espinoza
National Director and Co-Founder 
The Remembrance Project