President Trump Promises Crackdown on MS-13 Gang Members, Reiterates “America First”

BRENTWOOD, NY – Prsident Donald Trump delivered a message at Brentwood Community College to MS 13 gang members:  “we will find you, we will arrest you, we will jail you and we will deport you.”

President Trump spoke about the unaccompanied minors  who entered during the fake “border crisis” wherein the Obama Administration allowed in over 150,000 (mostly young males)  into our communities to which experts have tied the uptick in gang activity and membership4,000 illegal alien minors were sent to Suffolk County – 7 have been indicted for murder

  • 42 alien minors implicated in MS13 violence and 19 killings or attempted killings in the DC region
  • MS 13 gang members committed a string of gruesome murders, including the massacre of 4 young men in Central Islip park in April
  •  17 beautiful youth were murdered in Long Island
  • President Trump urged Congress to fund more resources. President Trump also placed blame on “weak leadership” and called for cracking down on sanctuary cities.

MS 13 gang originated in Los Angeles in the 1980s and entrenched itself in Central America when its leaders were deported, and is infamous for its violent tactics, including torturing victims and hacking them with machetes.
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