Tell President Trump and Congress: “NO DACA, NO DEALS!”

One year ago, President Donald Trump, took the oath of office to protect all American citizens.

Just before that historic day, millions mobilized and voted to end Barack Obama’s illegal alien amnesty scheme that wreaked havoc and suffering on thousands of innocent American families.

Sadly today, the Democrat party has signaled that they will not just stand idly by while our Commander in Chief does everything in his power to defend our country’s borders and protect our families, but have defied the Constitution they pledged to uphold. They are violating U.S. Code, Title 8, Section 1324 and they must be stopped.

While the Senate voted to end the government shutdown yesterday, Chuck Schumer’s illegal alien amnesty deal is still being used as a bargaining chip by wobbly Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

The D.C. Swamp is choosing to put our American families safety at risk — that’s why it’s imperative we keep up the pressure and REF– USE to back down now!

Our America First Movement must remind Senate Democrats and squishy establishment Republicans that we will NEVER accept their radical amnesty agenda.

Sign your “NO DACA, NO DEALS” petition to President Trump right away — tell him to REJECT Congress’s plan to put illegals before American citizens.

Now is the time! We will never get this chance again.

Maria Espinoza
National Director and Co-Founder
The Remembrance Project

P.S. President Trump knows our work is important in saving lives of innocent Americans! Our angel moms and dads are featured in President Trump’s immigration video.