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The Remembrance Project’s
Crisis Intervention & Chaplaincy Services
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Grieving the loss of a loved one is never easy, but it is particularly difficult when your loved one was the victim of a senseless, violent, and unnecessary crime.  These crimes are completely preventable. Prevent Illegal Aliens from being present in our country, and killings by Illegal Aliens will stop.


Report the loss of a loved one caused by an illegal alien HERE.


The Remembrance Project

SIGN HERE: Sign our PETITION for a NATIONAL DAY OF REMEMBRANCE FOR AMERICANS KILLED BY ILLEGAL ALIENS. We honor and remember Americans killed on our Stolen Lives Quilt.
The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project3 days ago
Memorializing KAYLA MARIE HAMILTON another fellow-American murdered by an illegal alien.
TRP is the only national organization that serves as a voice for Americans who were kiled by individuals who SHOULD NOT have been in our country in the first place - illegal aliens invaders.
#NoAmnesty #StopTheKillings #AmericansFirst #AmericaFirst #RepelTheInvasion #StopTheInvasion #GovAbbottMUSTRepelInvasion #America1stLatinos #americafirstlatinos
The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project3 days ago
Illegals are ticking-time-bombs to Americans! Equal opportunity killers who prey on our kindness and NAIVETE!
Biden-Harris have allowed illegals to enter into USA AT WILL. No one is stopping them. The public does not know the truth. TRP has held numerous press conferences at the Texas southern border to no AVAIL! Wake up everyone before these tragedies fall in your lap.
The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project1 month ago
Christmas Blessings to You and Your Family.
From our family to yours, wishing you and your family a
Merry Christmas with continued blessings and prayers
to you and our nation.

Thank you for your support and confidence.

The Remembrance Project Team
The Remembrance Project
P.O. Box 440548
Houston, TX 77244-0548
The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project2 months ago
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.

Illegal Alien Accused of Setting House on Fire, Trying to Burn Six People Alive
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