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Grieving the loss of a loved one is never easy, but it is particularly difficult when your loved one was the victim of a senseless, violent, and unnecessary crime.  These crimes are completely preventable. Prevent Illegal Aliens from being present in our country, and killings by Illegal Aliens will stop.


Report the loss of a loved one caused by an illegal alien HERE.


The Remembrance Project

SIGN HERE: Sign our PETITION for a NATIONAL DAY OF REMEMBRANCE FOR AMERICANS KILLED BY ILLEGAL ALIENS. We honor and remember Americans killed on our Stolen Lives Quilt.
The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project3 days ago
Today we honor and remember 14-year old RHYAN MOODY, of Cooly TX. whose precious life was stolen from her, her family and America by an illegal alien in Thanksgiving Day 2017 crash. Rhyan was so loved by her parents and SEVEN SIBLINGS, her co-cheerleaders, and many, many friends. She is deeply missed every day. Tarrant County Sheriff's Office
The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project5 days ago
Remembrance Series: Remembering our fellow American's loved ones who should still be here striving for their American Dream!
Be a "voice for the voiceless" and share this fallen hero who pushed an elderly man from the line of fire before he was paralyzed by the illegal alien killer's bullet!
The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project6 days ago
Members of The Remembrance Project-CA testified at the ICE PUBLIC HEARING. NO pro illegals showed up at this hearing! San Bernardino County Sheriff McMahon held the annual ICE public forum to report on the sheriff's department interaction with criminal aliens. Riverside County Sheriff Bianco held an ICE public hearing the same day and time, and the Riverside hearing had 5 pro illegal activists, including ACLU attorneys, speak in opposition to ICE during public comments. No ICE supporters attended the Riverside public forum. The annual CA sheriffs ICE public hearings are mandated by the sanctuary state law, Truth Act. VIDEO OF the San Bernardino County Sheriff ICE HEARING
The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project1 week ago
Stop Illegal aliens from voting in America! This is criminal!
The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project1 week ago
Happening now! Illegal aliens should NOT be voting in USA!
The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project1 week ago
We must not allow our voices to be silenced!

5 days ago
USA at risk of invasion under a Biden Adm! This election is about Law & order!! 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Grants Review of Trump Campaign PA Suit via @WestJournalism
2 weeks ago
Great progress by @realDonaldTrump! Thank you President Trump! @America1Latinos @MariaforAmerica @ColumbiaBugle @USANEWS007
StolenLivesQlt photo
Chief Rodney Scott @USBPChief
Border Wall System Update:

402 miles completed
249 miles under construction
87 miles under pre-construction

To see the latest on the Border Wall System go to:
3 weeks ago
Thank you ⁦ @realDonaldTrump⁩ for Nat’l Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens!