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Grieving the loss of a loved one is never easy, but it is particularly difficult when your loved one was the victim of a senseless, violent, and unnecessary crime.  These crimes are completely preventable. Prevent Illegal Aliens from being present in our country, and killings by Illegal Aliens will stop.


Report the loss of a loved one caused by an illegal alien HERE.


The Remembrance Project

Educating and raising awareness about the epidemic of killings of Americans by illegal aliens - individuals who should not have been in the U.S. in the first place. + We honor and remember Americans killed on our Stolen Lives Quilt. + Working to unite stolen lives families for a stronger voice.
The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project2 days ago
Remembering Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega, Jr., who was fishing with his parents, wife and children when they were attacked by two illegal aliens. Agent Javier's father was shot and, fortunately, survived. Agent Vega was killed while defended himself and his family. #NeverForget Demand our laws are enforced to protect Americans! #NoDACAamnesty!
The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project2 weeks ago
Sadly, while the RINO Establishment insists on 'protecting illegal alien DACAs and are paid to "do something" for these illegals' Americans continue to be killed by these illegal aliens!!

5 hours ago
Citizens WILL protect their communities! Safety matters. All lives matter!
5 hours ago
They want to defund the police and open borders...then they cry out for security!
1 week ago
Then why did you allow Obama to shred our Constitution! USA would not see such Lawlessness if the likes of YOU did not allow it. @realcarolleek @RealOWFT @calicrusader @4golifa