Angel Dad John Pina Speaks

PALO ALTO, CA – Angel dad, John Pina speaks out about his daughter Christina Sue Pina, 14 years old, who was raped, stabbed and dumped in a California artichoke field in 1990.

Mr. Pina attended The Remembrance Project’s first-ever National Conference in September 2016 where Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was the special keynote speaker. Just prior to Mr. Pina traveling to Houston for the conference, the local sheriff warned him that attending our national conference would jeopardize their investigation. Their 26 year old investigation.

The sheriff also asked for the phone number to someone with our organization to demand the removal of Christy’s memorial panel from our website!

We did not remove Christy from our website and Mr. Pina attending our national conference. The anti-American activists will not silence Americans.